Sims Urban Oasis

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The living benefits of choosing apartments

When buying a residential apartment in properties like Sims Urban Oasis most people would go for the larger apartments. But there are benefits of choosing smaller apartments too. So why shouldn't you opt for an apartment that is bigger than you need? Here's a few reasons:

Price: A smaller apartment will obviously be cheaper. If you don't know what you're going to do with the additional space of a large apartment, it's going to be a wasted investment anyway. Never choose an apartment with more rooms than you need.

Maintenance: It's not just about the money. You will have to spend more time and energy cleaning a larger apartment too. Having fewer rooms will mean spending less time cleaning. You will be able to use the time you saved for so many other, more productive things.

Furniture: Yes, a small apartment is easier to furnish than a large one. Plus, you will need to spend less on furniture. Decorating a room or maneuvering furniture will be easier in a small apartment too.

Style: When you have less space, paying attention to detail becomes much easier. Styling a large apartment can be quite difficult and you may even run out of ideas. But with a small apartment, you will certainly be able to design everything to reflect who you are as a person.

Dust: Dust accumulation is a huge problem with every apartment. But, a smaller apartment will obviously be easier to manage than a larger one. Keeping dust out becomes much easier in small apartments too. You would need fewer air filters.

The best option is always an apartment which allows you sufficient open space while not being too much. It needs to be an apartment which reflects your lifestyle. What are you waiting for? Start exploring your options.